Photo credit:  Laura Bombier

Photo credit: Laura Bombier

Originally from Saskatchewan, I am a writer, editor, and video producer living in Toronto, Canada. I am currently employed at CPA Ontario, creating eLearning content. I am also newsletter and associate editor at LiisBeth. Freelance and former work history includes writing and production with Fathom, BTV, and CNW Group. I teach creative writing for Sarah Selecky's Writing School and Intro to Screenwriting at the University of Toronto's School of Continuing Studies. I am an alumnus of the Banff Wired Writing Studio and my writing has been published in Geist, Little Bird Stories: Volumes I and II, Taddle Creek, and ELLE Canada. I was shortlisted for the 2016 ReLit awards, longlisted for the 2014 CBC Short Story Prize, and won the Random House of Canada Creative Writing Award at the University of Toronto in 2012. Moving Parts is my first book. 


I’m from Saskatchewan, went to theatre school in Montreal and am based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I have studied with Canadian authors Annabel Lyon, Sarah Selecky, Zsuzsi GartnerPasha Malla, and Peter Levitt.


TV credits include: producer, food reporter, researcher, writer, location manager, and production coordinator for networks: CBC Newsworld/RDI, CBC DocChannel, TV5,  SRC (Société Radio-Canada), ARTV, APTN, TVO, W Network, National Geographic Channel, YTV, Fox and the History Channel. 

I have also written and produced scripts for stage, radio and short film.


That's me in the white helmet, second from the right, at an event in Quebec where 14 women set a new formation skydiving record. WATCH VIDEO of that jump here.

I am a member of the The Writers' Union of Canada, the Toronto Women's Writing Salon, and the Canadian Sport Parachuting Association.  

I write about the parallels between writing and skydiving here.


I am a teacher for Sarah Selecky’s Writing School and also offer private mentorships. Here is what some of my students have said: 

I find your work and so much of what you post, brilliant. Clear. Helpful. Inspiring. Thank you for being here with us and for making it fun and visually stimulating, always!
— Jennifer Wickham, The Story Workshop, 2017
Lana, your skillful, gentle-but-direct, and thoughtful editorial care-taking was such a huge gift to me. I have yet to really get into all the revisions that came from our Workshop, but I am more and more excited to do it.
— Hilary Fair, The Story Workshop 2017
Lana, thank you, once again, for everything you brought to the table. You are a gifted teacher, and because of your wise, insightful, and astute counsel, I am leaving this workshop a better writer.
— Maureen Lee, The Story Workshop, 2017
Your class has been incredible.
— Sidura Ludwig, The Story Workshop, 2017
Lana, I can’t say enough… of you as a teacher and guide, and of the members of our group. There was so much packed into the workshop experience, wisdoms and notes and examples and so many leads to more, so many little rivulets.
— Anouchka Freybe, The Story Workshop 2017
Lana was so enthusiastic about sharing her own experiences and passions with us, always putting new items in the Writing Resources folder. She was wonderfully timely and interactive with our comments and generous with praise and affirmation. You always felt that you could write her about a problem. And she really made us feel like a group, I think. Everyone contributed to that to some extent, of course, but she set the tone for that. Although virtual, it felt like a very real group to me.
— Ailisha O’Sullivan, SSM grad 2015
She obviously cared about us, respected our work, and kept in touch with each one of us. She encouraged, motivated, and would post pertinent articles, etc. on the resource page. I was very impressed with her, overall.
— Maureen Lee, SSM grad 2015