inspiration of a paragraph

This blog is a daily paragraph about something I like which may include but is not limited to: food, exercise, sex, travel, books, pets and skydiving. But mostly food. After watching Julie & Julia yesterday, I thought I should try the route Julie took. But a German version so it's not the same story. Make each recipe in "German Cooking Today" by Dr. Oetker. Because like Julie, I too have a full time job. I live in a small apartment in a big city. I have a loving husband. And a cat. And have written half a novel and I love to cook. I have difficulty finishing things I start. But when I did the math I realized she had to make 1.5+ recipes per day for 365 days to get through the whole book in a year. Maybe she made 3 or 4 recipes on holidays and special occasions. Bravo. For me, it's a fine, yet flawed idea. I am ambitious, but I won't do that. I will start with realistic expectations. Like going through that German cookbook and making all the recipes, as time permits. Like writing one paragraph a day. Like the one you've just read.