blue food

St. Lawrence Market is a good place for me to be. I go there to daydream and not talk to anyone but the guys who offer cheese samples from Alex Farms. I wander around midday to pick up fresh fish - tilapia, trout, sushi grade tuna (only a small piece) or oysters for special occasions. $7.99/lb for malpeques from PEI. Today I went to get some vanilla because I used the last of it in the pumpkin cranberry loaf. What I ended up with was: two pears, some fresh green beans, a bag of walnuts, a box of whole wheat couscous, small container of cilantro pesto (yum!), Finncrips, a can of Costa Rican hearts of palm, a small bag of dark chocolate covered ginger bits, and the vanilla. 100 ml of pure vanilla made by Horton Spice Mills Limited. The strangest thing I saw was blue maraschino cherries. They were also available in original (not really) red and orange versions. Are they organic? Food should not be blue. Neither should flowers. Berries yes, but they're acutally purple. Save the blue for bells and moons and tallships. For days you're feeling down or when you need a sky to dive in.