chocolate diamonds

I'm not a real blonde. Dirty blonde maybe but I think that just means light brown. I took the opportunity of a fundraising event at the Aveda Institute today to get my highlights done. While the foils cooked, I flipped through the March edition of Harper's Bizarre. Well isn't there a two page spread about chocolate diamonds. Guess what? They're brown. The colour of the diamond darkens due to the earth's pressure at the depth where the diamonds are buried. They're less expensive from their clear, white cousins and they're apparently found in Africa, Russian and the biggest mine being the Argyle Mine in northwestern Australia. A fun fact from "The term "Chocolate Diamonds" is actually a trademarked brand of the famed Le Vian jewelry purveyor." That was the ad in Harper's. AnyHOW, back to the chocolate chocolate. I picked up a lemon chocolate bar, the other day - A 70% Organic Dark Lemon number from Vivani - product of Germany. A bit disappointing but kind of lemony thanks to a "hint of lemon essential oil". Next time I'm at the Market I'll get a bar of quinoa & melon (please start pronouncing it KEEN-wah and not kwin-OH-wah). Can't remember where it's from or why they would even make it. But they've got me thinking. The diamonds au chocolat...will have to wait.