do the chocolate walk

A man walks on the boardwalk with an open chocolate bar in his hand. He is strolling not walking. Dark glasses, bald, a black trench coat covers his suit. He breaks off another piece of the bar and doesn't notice me pass him. It's 1:15 on a Tuesday. Too sunny for early March afternoon. I am not close enough to see the type of chocolate he is indulging in but for him, it's working. The ducks are out on Lake Ontario, planes land regularly on the Island Airport's runway. The trench coat's chocolate stroll is inspires me. I pick up a handful of dark chocolate coated orange peels from Chocolates and Creams in Queen's Quay Terminal. Yummy expensive imported treats sold there along with a wall stacked with a wide variety of jelly beans and a decent gelato selection. My mission was Sobey's - to pick up fruit and something for dinner. I do. A ripe mango from Mexico, a couple of heavy tangelo oranges and two Maple Leaf chicken breasts. I am pleased I get to use my 50 cent coupon. $0.15 of that goes to Toonies for Tummies. Today's good deed done. This leaves room for a direct, firm and confident conversation that I prepare for after I hear the phone message. The real estate agent in charge of selling the townhouse in which I currently rent (soon to vacate) implies I am making his life difficult by not letting agents in to see the townhouse. If he were able to explain why I should rearrange my life to show my landlord's townhouse for her (and him) I would happily comply. Instead I leave her a message, tattling on him and they have postponed all showings until after we leave. Chocolate -1, Greedy Real Estate Guy - 0. I pick up a bar of Lindt's Fleur de sel because, as you know, I like salt. This salty chocolate blend is lovely. Only one of their many wonderful varieties that include: 70% Cacao, 85% Cacao, NEW! 90% Cacao, 99% Cacao, Peru 80%, Ecuador 75%, Madagascar 65%, Orange Intense, Intense Mint, Chili, Fleur de Sel, Extra Creamy, Crunchy Caramel. Warning: If you're not used to it, anything over 80% is going to taste like dirt. I think it's fun. Lindt''s site ( also has some great tips on how taste chocolate, including my favourite? "Chocolate is best tasted in a calm atmosphere so that you are able to concentrate on your senses." I will write about chocolate again.