march fourth

Yesterday. The only date that is also a command. Today I attended an early morning video shoot that included breakfast. Breakfast with the Media. Breakfast was: Activia yogurt sitting atop bowls of ice, coffee/tea, a variety of bagels and a variety of cream cheese to put on said bagels. Cream cheese varieties = strawberry, chives, plain. The bagels were fine. Fresh but not Montreal style. They never are unless you are IN Montreal. Maybe the 'style' part of 'Montreal style' is what allows them to trick people into believing the things are from Montreal. But they're not. Even the ones that someone told me once were shipped in from St. Urbain and are sold somewhere up on Bathurst Street North. I don't buy it. If you're not physically standing in a an actual bagel shop in Montreal i.e. Fairmount, St. Viateur, St. Urbain, REAL Bagels then they can't be from Montreal. Well they can be, but they'd be stale. And who wants a stale bagel?