my not so secret salad bar

Instead of packing, once in a while I treat myself to the salad bar for lunch. There is a Longo's in the underground food court near my workplace. Today was one of those days. It's per weight so brussel sprouts are not advised even though I enjoy them. The food is fresh and includes much variety including (but not limited to) asparagus (no rapinni today), pasta salads with smoked salmon (the full fish, not the thinly sliced stuff), a wheatberry/raisin/pepper melange, bits of sharp cheese wrapped in sundried tomatoes held together by tooth picks, large cooked shrimp!, fresh broccoli, cucubmer and pepper strips, bean salad, boccancini and tomato salad, greek salad, couscous salad with cranberry, cheese cubes - swiss and cheddar, enormous strawberries (genetically modified I suspect) and chunks of pineapple and a selection of grapes are positioned near the end of the line next to the scoopable cottage cheese and afterthought toppings of croutons, sunflower seeds and granola. There is a variety of oils, dressings and spice to personalize your plastic container. $12 well spent.