pumpkin + cranberry: what a pair

The pumpkin cranberry loaf was a hit at my writing class tonight. Other snacks included green apple and orange slices strategically lined up side by side on a serving plate. Chips and salsa, a dark chocolate bar and wine. Such great stories! Teacher says she’s never had a class with such a high level of writing. It was suggested we not go to work tomorrow. Live in the now and write! She’s right. I was excited walking over there in the cool, pleasant March evening. Stories ranged from Virginia arm wrestling tough girls to gay one night stands. Someone’s bitchy mother-in-law made relatable and funny and a tent perched on a soft beach. And Nathan. The ongoing saga of the eggplant parka trying to make his way though it all. But the pumpkin cranberry loaf was a hit. A good pair. Other pairs include: mocking birds, aces, twins, bookends, husband and wife, a figure skating couple, hot and cold taps, David and Goliath, Fred and Wilma, Fred and Ginger, Cain and Abel, Sonny and Cher, north and south, black and white, salt and pepper, up and down. I could go on but this is where my list ends.