all about a button

I found the perfect button to sew on to my husband's spring jacket. It was the bottom one. An older jacket that's got nothing wrong with it, except for the missing bottom button. Dark blue canvas type material with light brown collar and cuffs. Brown buttons with swirly bits of cream colour in them. For years, my sorry excuse for a sewing kit has been a white plastic bag which I recently transferred to a soft grey Biotherm nylon case that was once upon a time a 'gift with purchase'. The kit contains: spare buttons from shirts, pants, jackets, a collection of needles of varying size, those teeny little scissors that fall apart but I keep them anyway, mini mending kits from hotels with six different colours of thread, a black spool of thread, a white spool of thread, a spool of cream colour thicker thread that is stronger than the previous cotton spools. On the button search for the spring jacket I found a dark brown button - too big, a navy blue one - right size but would look wrong, a brown one that might have worked but it didn't have holes - it had a hook on the back. Then I saw it. At first it looked too small. But when I matched it up against a button already on the jacket it was like finding the right foot for that glass slipper. I knotted up the black thread like my mother showed me years ago, doubled it up so it would be a more reinforced hold and stitched the little guy back on. Hoping it was in the right place, when he put the jacket on a did up every'd never know it was a patch job if I hadn't told the story. Perspective is everything. And sometimes it's all about a button.