bye bye Barbara

Been MIA lately due to a move. Next move will be a contents sale listing on Craisglist. Moving blows. Especially when it's not by choice. Long story short: condo we were living in was getting sold, we didn't want it, found new condo, new condo is better.
Life is change. Sometimes it's upheaval, rebirth and renewal. It's Easter weekend and a warm weather front has come and gone so change is everywhere you look, touch, smell. And now Barbara Budd is leaving As It Happens, one my very favourite CBC radio shows. Below is the note I wrote to her the night I heard the announcement.

Dear Barbara,

Even before you announced your departure from AIH last night, I called it. She's leaving. It was in your tone. The tone that I have followed for many years.

I stopped unpacking the rubbermaid bin, stood still in my new kitchen and listened to you announce your last day April 30th. I moved into a new condo yesterday in downtown Toronto.

My routine for the last while has been coming home from work, working out, spending time with my cats, pouring a glass of wine and preparing dinner or doing some writing. All the while listening to you. You are very good at what you do. You will be missed.

I have worked as a video producer at for the past six years. Prior to that I was a food reporter, freelance producer/writer/director, ESL teacher and actor. I have a growing collection of short stories, have written stage and screenplays, a novel on the go and a blog:

I often interview people at my job. Sometimes about subjects of which I know very little. Listening to you and Carol on As It Happens has taught me many things. My writing teacher sometimes makes us write lists to warm up.

What follows is a list of things you have demonstrated over the airwaves:

- honesty
- intelligence
- humility
- compassion
- grace
- sincerity
- inspiration
- change
- calmness
- how to be brave
- how to be direct
- fearlessness
- appreciation
- humour
- personality
- relaxation
- surprise
- tact
- how to listen
- peace
- the meaning of a silent pause
- sadness
- pride
- strength
- concern
- fairness

Photos of me and my loved ones (all fans) are attached. Our wedding in Pelham County at the Comfort Maple, a beach on Cape Breton (Whale Cove), our cats at feeding time (that is a Lucien Freud print in the background) and a shot of me over Lake Erie (I am a novice skydiver).

Life is change.
I wish you all the best Barbara.