chip addiction

No that's not a new punk band name. Well it might be for all I know. Chip addiction is a real thing. I know it because I have it. I haven't done any research, apart from eaten a lot of chips and know plenty of people who also love the crisp, crunchy yumminess of the darn things. You know who you are. A guy I used to work with posted on his Facebook status "I ate a whole bag of Doritos last night watching TV. Gross.. Hello gym!" Uh huh.

But chips are amidst a revolution if you haven't noticed. They're getting healthier. Sure they are. I've tired the olive oil ones, the baked not fried, the sweet potato, brown rice and veggie options. The thing is...they are still chips. So allow yourself the pleasure. In this short and fleeting life we must hang on to things we love and need. Whether that's a spouse, a pet, or the need for nice shower curtain...enjoy it. It will make you a better person.

My tip top ten chip list:

#10 Old Dutch Rip-L Original - I'm from Saskatchewan so I remember the chip dip too in my parents rumpus room
#9 Food Should Taste Good's Multiigrain - flax, sunflower and sesame seeds, LOTS of variety like sweet potato, cinnamon, blue corn
#8 Dirty's Original All Natural Sea Salted (regular) - they're pretty good but mostly on the list because I like the name
#7 LAY's Dill Pickle - a small bag will do you
#6 TOSTITOS® Multigrain Tortilla Chips - nice with my homemade guacamole
#5 Good Health Natural Products Olive Oil Potato Chips (Solea's Sea Salt version) - hard to find, best to order online
#4 Riceworks Salsa Fresca Brown Rice Crisps - they're available at Shopper's Drug Mart
#3 Kettle New York Cheddar - the yellow bag, now with more cheddar
#2 Terra's Red Bliss® Potato Chips - they're that good
#1 Terra's Red Bliss® Potato Chips - Porter serves a small mixed vegetable bag on their flights

Bet you can't eat just one...