home made is hit and miss

If you don't make something yourself, beware of the 'home made' claim made by many food producers. And I'm not one to complain about food service or quality. Which is why I end up at the same places all the time or only go on referrals from trusted sources. Saturday morning we bought a pie from The Pie Place at Maple Produce on Roncesvalles Avenue. A lovely looking peach pie that was ripe with expectations. It looked so promising, and to be the perfect companion with our mid morning coffee. Unfortunately after 45 minutes in the oven as it stated on the box "for a fresh baked taste" it turned out to be a flavourless gooey mess of what I can only guess was an artificial corn based filler and maybe three slices of actual peach (from where??) in the entire pie. Epic FAIL. I wrote them a note expressing my disappointment to no response. And 4 grams of trans fat per 1/6 of a pie slice? Good grief. I wouldn't feed this to my cats. Or give it to a homeless shelter. It left a stone in our stomachs the rest of the afternoon. Booo. Shame on The Pie Place for trying to pass off such a product as food.