We are so small.

Think about that for a moment. We are alive on an orbit that is revolving in a universe which is a tiny part of a thing that is a size we (any of us) cannot perceive.

The term is "mind boggling".

Things happen around us constantly. But don't confuse fate with coincidence.

When you are not looking, when you are not searching for answers, or trying to stay awake, or wanting to get to sleep, or struggling to get things done, when you least expect it, here is short list of what you might find:

- a ten dollar bill in your winter jacket pocket
- two extra containers of apple sauce at the back of the pantry cupboard
- an idea
- a coin on the street...maybe even a whole dollar
- a dinosaur hiding in the trees on the bike path
- the love of your life
- a cat -a little creature, who becomes your little pal, part of the family. Now it's a thing you can't live without. Something you cherish because this animal is your safe place. It brings you joy.
- laughter
- a photo exhibit in a mall where an image of a giraffe lying in a dried up riverbed moves you to tears.
- a new friend
- a good deal on laundry detergent
- some small sense of stability
- a little old lady who can't get her bank card to work. Help her.

Full stop.