We fall because we rise. We arrive at a place and now have somewhere to fall from. A place of risk, change, opportunity.

Fall. Autumn. The season where everything is red and gold. Leaves, light, apple pie. The glimmer in your eye when you wink at me. Bottle it up. Can a few jars to get you through the frosty grey days ahead.

A plane falls out of the sky and collides with the sea killing everyone on board. Innocent, guilty, and the undecided. They are gone, never to fall again.

She falls in love. He does not. She falls apart.

Freefall. Terminal velocity clocks in at 195 km/hr. A speed where existence is clean and sharp and precise. Different rules apply. One move is like a thousand. It is clear and present. Danger? Calculated risk.

They fall on their knees and pray. To a God of their choice. They fall to the ground and ask for forgiveness, peace, understanding. They give thanks for the blessings and beg the curses to go away.

Jack fell down and broke his crown. Jill came tumbling after.

We fall into the arms of our lovers. We lean heavily there. Breathing into their chest against warm skin to soothe our tired minds. We tremble, we break. They hold steady. Our soft place to fall.

Hair falls to the floor in the salon. Strands of silver, black, yellow, white. Collected in piles, it is swept up and tossed away. Once part of a living thing it is dust. Trash.

At the end of every day the sun falls behind the earth. It is that one thing to count on.

The price of fertilizer does the opposite of fall. It rises. Mother Nature had a bad spring and wept deeply. Corn crops failed. Sustainability is reaching its peak. Beware the great fall.

A tear falls down the cheek of an audience member at the ballet. He searches the spectacle for answers. Clues to help him make a decision, feel more, cry less.

The ballet dancer has fallen arches. She moves like water, masking the pain. She is conditioned. Mind over it does not matter. She has a duty, a purpose, a goal.

Niagara Falls.

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. Irreparable damage. The lesson? Eggs have no business sitting on walls.

California falls into the ocean. Thousands die. A planet is in shock, horrified. No one saw it coming.

Fall forward, spring back. The clocks change. Time is manipulated. We are given an extra hour. What will you do with it?

I fall asleep. Finally, after shifting and wrestling with fragments of thought and sound. I need it to stop. I need the black. I need rest.

Tiger falls from grace and so does the stock price of name brand sports items he represents. Led into temptation, unable to resist, weak. A fallen hero.

The elderly fall and break their bones. Fragile from age, they cannot heal. Angry and suffering they are waiting to die. Let them scream. Leave them be.

A late fall snowfall leaves bits of fluff atop one another. Flakes land on runny noses of laughing children. Enough to build a man. Their wooly mittens are soaked through from the work. A corn cob pipe and a button nose. But it is difficult too see through coal. He melts the next day and falls away.

We fall because we rise. If we don't fall, we won't learn, evolve, change, grow.

At some point, we all fall down.

Safe travels.