sarah selecky and ronnie burkett

It's important to be inspired by things we see, hear and read.

If you can, read Sarah Selecky's book, This Cake is For the Party.

Sarah is my writing teacher and the book has been shortlisted for the Giller Prize.

Then see Ronnie Burkett's play, BILLY TWINKLE Requiem for a Golden Boy.

It's been extended until October 31.

In a world where we need a month dedicated to child abuse prevention, where there are too many orphaned cats and dogs that will ever be adopted, where justice and law don't always add up, we must find ways to cope, continue and carry on.

At the talk back Q&A after the show I saw on Tuesday Ronnie said, "I don't understand us. So I make little versions of us and make us talk to each and move around and maybe I'll figure it out."