A Christmas on Mars: the trilogy (part TWO)

To recap, Jessica is a 109 little martion girl  (spelling as per the original copy) because in 1983, my twelve year old mind made up the idea that on Mars one was born at 115 and started aging backward.

It's worth noting we're a day ahead here. It's December 22nd--happy solstice by the way--but today's excerpt of the story is taking place on December 23rd, Tibb's Eve. I learned about Tibb's Eve four years ago from Tom Power, the talented and entertaining host of CBC Radio 2 Morning, originally from Newfoundland, who tells perfectly lame jokes and has great taste in music. I'm listening to Radio 2 Morning as I write this and I highly recommend the show to anyone who needs a boost in the morning to get them going but Tom's off this week and Talia Shlanger is doing a good job sitting in for him. Maybe Tom will read this. Or maybe he's busy watching the new Star Wars movie, or doing Newfoundland things getting ready for Tibb's Eve tomorrow. Much like myself, heading off to the airport shortly to pick up my mom who is flying in from Saskatchewan--where I'm from originally, so yeah, I hear ya Tom Power, from one outsider to another. My mom is visiting us for the holidays and she doesn't know we're having a Tibb's Eve party tomorrow but that should become clear soon enough. 

And now back to six year old Jessica (in Earth years) the very, very, rich, yet poor young Martion girl who had never seen the Space Santa.


Check back tomorrow for the conclusion of A Christmas on Mars and probably some stuff about Tibb's Eve.