Last March I had very improperly labeled, in fact not at all, baggies of spice and used cumin instead of cardamom in a ginger cake. It turned out fine but the ladies at the health food store laughed at me.

I vowed to get a better spice rack.

All set for a trip to Canadian Tire to use up some well earned CT money I found a box in our storage room containing the spice rack pictured above.

My husband has had this piece he got in Germany for about ten years but never never used it. So we dusted it off and nailed it to the wall in the kitchen. Gewürz-Galerie translated is "spice galerie". The names of the little bottles are in German so my cooking now doubles as a language lesson.

It's got the essentials. Pfeffer, paprika, knoblach (garlic). I fill the dill jar with rock salt and the marjoram with cinnamon. I grated some whole muskat (nutmeg) for a pumpkin loaf I made this weekend.

I still don't have a solution for my cumin and cardamom dilemma. Those women at the health food store can continue their schadenfreude at the expense of my mix up. I still have those baggies on the bottom shelf of the pantry.

Keeps me guessing. Keeps the spice in my life...varied.