I can spend hours in the grocery store.  I love being surrounded by all that food.  The possibilities are endless.  I like taking my time and getting ideas.  I read the nutrition facts.  Catch  up on my French.  Compare products.  I futz.  Doddle.  Dilly dally.  Delay.  Procrastinate.  But with purpose!   In the grocery store, I foodfutz.  Today during my visit, I picked up ingredients for Caprese Fish from the German cookbook.  Stretched mozzarella.  I don't know what that means but it was the cheese with the least amount of trans fat. (.1 trans fat per 29g) Had to go with frozen pollock because the fresh fish counter had only a few filets of snapper, ocean perch, catfish left, next to some sad looking scallops.  End of the day on a Sunday I suppose.  But still.  
The cookbook calls zuccinnis, courgettes.  I guess that's the German name. Will have to ask the in-laws.  It's French too.  I got yellow ones.  Product of Canada.  Dinner?  Success!  For Italian spices I used oregano and a a healthy sprinkling from a package of spice I'd saved from a pizza kit.  I was impressed the mozza stretch didn't burn in a 400 degree oven.  While the fish cooled, I finished my beer and made macaroons.  Only two words to say about that.  Demerara.  Sugar.