Yesterday, I came home to the "pop" of a bottle of sparkling wine being opened. Cuvée Catharine Rosé Brut by Henry of Pelham to be exact. In addition to the cork pop, my husband had prepared a bouquet of 32 white roses with little purple flowers intertwined. There was a blueberry pie on the table, a DVD of Chocolat wrapped in tissue, a large gift bag that contained: a card from him, a card from the cats, two books wrapped in silver, star studded paper. One was a recipe book entirely about quinoa and Terry O'Reily's book, The Age of Persuasion.

We ate a dinner of the Lake Erie walleye he caught a couple weeks ago with a topping of the little Roma tomatoes from our garden, bacon and challots. Then...a chocolate cake with buttercream icing lit with 39 candles.

He thought I might be upset by seeing 39 candles.
It was sparkling, illuminating and very nice to look at.
Just like him.

You bet I made a wish.
Here's hoping...