oscar snacks: giant olives

I am in the middle of moving. Fun. Currently I am in possession of two apartments. I have four bathrooms, two parking spots, a laundry room, a laundry closet, a balcony, two dishwashers, a microwave, a walk out patio, access to a gym room, party room and no cable. Don't be impressed, all total it's pushing 2000' sq. Do the math. So invited myself to a friend's place to watch the Oscars. Did you know in additional to the Chinese year of the Tiger, 2010 is year of the dirty martini? Now you know. My friend makes a mean one, a recipe he got from Gweneth Paltrow. Good for Gweneth posting recipes for dirty drinks on her blog. I may follow suit. She's been having babies and doing the odd film since her Oscar win over a decade ago. Shakespeare in Love. You know the speech. Last night, while sipping our drinks we all sat in shock as Sandra Bullock made her way to the stage. Standing at the podium, statue in hand, thanking the moms that take in babies that don't belong to them. On the eve of International Woman's day I would also like to raise my dirty martini glass to Kathryn Bigelow, the first female director in Oscar history. Tip: use giant, vermouth soaked tipsy olives. It's a snack in a glass. Ladies, enjoy. It's about time.