destruction before creation

In order to rebuild, something will get destroyed.

A clearing is created so a thing - newer, stronger, taller, smarter, brighter, faster, better? - can take its place.

It could be anything. A building, a machine, an idea, a movement, a recipe, a car, a plane, a planet, a generation.

Bit by bit, things crumble. They fall. They erode. They rot.

They disappear.

It has happened before and it will happen again.

But it has never happened this fast.

Revolutions and evolution, wars and battlefields are all around us.

They bring change, for better or for worse.

Maybe it's the world.
Maybe it's your neighbourhood.
Maybe it's your life.

Rebuilding starts with a blank page.

A clear mind.
Zero balance.
An empty lot.

Destruction before creation.