96.3 FM is Toronto's New Classical. Their tagline: "Beautiful music in a crazy world". I've turned to this because I need more calm in my world. I am searching for balance. And I do enjoy classical music. It's lengthy saga of notes, pitter patter quickness, drawn out violin cries, concertos, arias and sonatas. Yo Yo Ma.

Then they play an Lexus ad.

Which spurs me to write this because all the ad says is: Moments. Moments. Something else. Moments. This is the moment for a Lexus. And another finishing sentence on how a Lexus will better your existence.

Life is a series of moments.
But most of them do not involve a Lexus.

They involve things like:

At a 50th anniversary during a retrospective video, you see the man reach around his wife's neck, embracing her as they watch images of their life on screen, he squeezes her shoulder, leans his head against hers. She leans back and runs a hand along his forearm, holding on.

Football movies that bring you to tears where the underdogs come out on top, winning the game because they tried real hard and it paid off.

Pink clouds.

Sarah Palin's voice on the radio that makes your skin crawl.

The shiver of shock that happens when you hear about the death of someone you know. The aftershocks and feelings of emptiness, helplessness, and quiet that follow. You rethink your life. We only get one shot. What are you doing? What is the point? What will you change? You rethink your death. Who will you leave behind? Are you afraid? We are fragile and small and weak.

Yoga breathing.

Watching a meteor shower. Getting perspective on our place in the solar system. Being overwhelmed by what that actually means.

Stroking your lover's hand, reassuring them everything will be okay.

"You either live in the past or you live in the future. Where is the moment?"
- Ricky Roma, Glengarry Glen Ross