good-bye starfish...hello bruschetta

Greetings dear followers, friends, and those who have found there way here by accident... 

The Starfish and Koffie blog has been dormant for longer than I would have liked because in the past year: 

  • I finished a manuscript
  • got a book deal
  • created a new website

As you might appreciate, things are ticking along with all of the above, most of which can be found on other areas of this website.

That said, I did write a blog post on editing that, I think, is a fun read. It also gives a bit of insight into the flavour of my book.

Today is my birthday, and as I usher starfishandkoffie out the door, the journey of my blog continues in its new home, right here. 

Thank you to everyone who has read the posts at starfishandkoffie over the past six years. 

Your encouragement and feedback has been more important than you realize. Your acknowledgement has kept the writing going. The blog continues to be an unedited test lab where I write about topics that, I think, are meaningful. A playground that allows me to crank out short bursts of...whatever. A space to explore, share, and be curious. 

But credit must be given where credit is due. It was Nora Ephron's film, Julie & Julia that inspired me to start the blog back in 2009. In fact it was this scene

Speaking of inspiration, I still haven't made that dish--that fried bread in the cast iron pan that Amy Adams flawlessly whips into a plate of bruschetta in the scene mentioned above. The dinner she shares with her husband played by Chris Messina, who happens to share the same birthday as me, over stemless glasses of red wine in their cramped yet cozy NYC apartment. 

So, is it strange that I picked up some ripe field tomatoes and fresh garlic in Niagara this weekend? How odd is it that on the very day, my birthday, I decide to write about this movie, I find out that I share it with one of the cast members? And there are two pots of basil on our balcony garden that are overdue to be used.



I'm going with magic. 

Then this: a step by step recipe of the bruschetta on Rachel Raczka's blog: jadoreyoumore, here.  

Maybe it's time to make that dish. 

Maybe it's time to keep up with the blog. 

But first, happy birthday to me.

And Chris.